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📚iLit Studio


iLit Studio is English and Mathematics Tuition Centre Which established on 2018. We are located in Melbourne, Australia. 
 We are conducting classes 4 students in one class under homeroom system with experienced teachers.
All the class materials will be provided and designed by Australian Curriculum. 
✓Experienced teachers! 
✓Online or Face to Face !
✓1:1 Private class! 
✓Only 4 students in one class!
✓Homeroom system! 


If Your child like this, iLit Studio can help you!

Primary School Grades 
⦿My child is too scared of speaking or answering in English.
⦿My child is reluctantly using English
⦿When my child gets back from school, he/she finds hard to tell what he/she learned.
⦿My child doesn’t understand the context of English and how to put that in writing.
⦿My child hates reading books.
⦿My child doesn’t know what school homework is.
⦿My child doesn’t distinguish capital and lower letters of alphabets
Secondary School Grades 
⦿My child doesn’t know exactly how to write an essay.
⦿My child doesn’t know how to put into the structure after the essay prompt have given.
⦿My child is having a  hard time in his/her writing because lack of background knowledge.
⦿My child said he/she doesn’t know how to use words to express what he/she wants to write
⦿My child does’t know how to analyse the book and write the text response.
⦿My child doesn’t understand the context after he/she finished reading.